Church Keragoniotissa

The Church of Virgin Mary ‘Keragoniotissa’ at Latsida.
Small church close to Neapoli and beautiful enclosed by oak trees they may have been here for hundreds of years.

Church Keragoniotissa
Church of Virgin Mary Keragoniotissa at Latsida.

The church of the Virgin Mary ‘Keragoniotissa’ can be found close to the village of Latsida in the vicinity of Neapoli which is beautiful enclosed by oak trees they may have been here for hundreds of years. The church is devoted to the Dormition of the Virgin Mary, a feast that is famous on August 15th each year.

tombs inside church
Tombs inside the church.

A short while ago, within a restoration work, numerous tombs were discovered outside and inside the church.

It is a tiny, barrel-vaulted, single-naved church. It features a stone carved door frame having a lintel along with a projecting door crown as well as an independent semicircular relieving arch.
The church was filled with mural paintings (frescoes) nevertheless today, just fragments are visible in the arch of the altar.

The church is dated from the Fourteenth century and has now been recovered, at least two times, due to the breakdown of a major section of it.

Within the demographics of the Orthodox churches and monasteries in 1635, the hieromonk Gabriel registers the monastery of the Virgin Mary as well as its church.

Latsida, directly after the tunnel before Neapoli on the highway Heraklion-Aghios Nikolaos.

Directions to Church Keragoniotissa

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