Part 11: Corona season in Crete

The course of the 2020 tourist season in Crete and Greece due to the coronavirus from June 28, 2020.

The Latest important updates on the corona situation on Crete here on CreteTip !

pedestrian zone of Agios Nikolaos
There is still nothing going on in the pedestrian zone of Aghios Nikolaos and most of the big hotels are also closed.

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The Latest updates on the situation in Crete and Greece:

July 29, 2020 (Wednesday):

masks in supermarkets
The obligation to wear masks is increasing in Greece.
As of today, Greece has tightened its mask obligation. This applies to visitors or customers in the offices of local authorities, government offices, banks, etc., in shops (supermarkets and grocery stores, bakeries, butchers, fish shops, confectioneries, all retail shops), hairdressing salons, beauty salons, in lifts and all public transport and taxis. Medical masks are required in hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, diagnostic centres, etc.
A fine of €150 is payable for violations.

Since 18 July, the number of corona cases in Crete has risen by eleven to 48, and in Greece as a whole by 315 to a total of 4,279, of which 2,702 are active and eight are severe cases. The number of deaths climbed by nine to 203, at least one of which was in Crete.

July 18, 2020 (Saturday):

From today on, without exception, masks are compulsory in supermarkets. Fines of 150 euros will be paid by all persons who do not follow the new instructions – to supermarket workers and consumers who, according to the joint ministerial decision adopted yesterday, will have to wear a protective mask.
In particular, the fines for those who are found not to be wearing a mask are as follows:
Supermarket: 150 euros
Public transport: 150 Euro
Taxi: 150 Euro (valid for passengers and driver)
Hairdressers: If the hairdresser does not have a list of appointments, a fine of 1,000 euros will be imposed on him. The fine of 150 Euro applies to the non-observance of distances and the non-use of a mask.

The ban on entry into Greece for non-EU citizens was extended until 31 July.

In the last two days the number of Corona cases on Crete rose by seven to 37.
In the whole of Greece 54 new corona cases (to a total of 3,964, of which 2,396 are active and 10 are severe), one more death to 194.

July 16, 2020 (Thursday):

 visible increase in tourist activities
A visible increase in tourist activities can already be seen this week.

Since yesterday, Wednesday 15 July 2020, British tourists have also been allowed back into Greece. Again, every passenger of an aircraft must have filled out the PLF form online 24 hours before departure.
Arriving visitors may have to undergo a targeted random test on Corona. Travelers who are tested for Covid-19 must isolate themselves at their destination address for 24 hours until the test results are available. Those who test positive will be quarantined for 14 days in designated hotels in each regional capital and on the islands.

Access to the airport building is only permitted to persons who are travelling and in possession of a ticket, with certain exceptions (accompanying persons for minors or disabled persons). Protective barriers have been installed at the public service points.
The use of a mask is obligatory – even at the airport entrance – while everyone must wear it during their stay at the airport.
The distance (1.5 metres) should be maintained at all times at the airport. Special ground markings, visual instructions on screens and banners will make it easier to maintain the distances, and there will also be regular acoustic updates via screens, announcements and markings.

Since last Friday a total of 238 new corona cases in Greece, the mass by travellers. Of these, another case for Crete has been added to the total of 30. The number of deaths has not increased further.

The Greek government has not yet decided on any further measures despite the large number of ‘imported corona cases’, despite initial criticism of the cost-benefit ratio of the opening and scope of corona tests on travellers.

July 10, 2020 (Friday):

On Wednesday July 8th 33 and Thursday July 9th 50 new Corona cases in Greece, mainly by arrivals. On Crete a total of four more cases, to a total of 29 so far.
A total of 3,672 corona infections have been reported in Greece so far, of which 2,105 are still active and nine with severe course. The number of deaths remains at 193.

The increasing number of corona infections, but especially the numerous imported cases, has put the Greek government on alert. A telephone conference by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on further countermeasures is therefore being held today.

July 8, 2020 (Wednesday):

On Monday 43 and yesterday Tuesday 27 new corona cases in Greece, one more on Crete (on a total of 25) and one on Naxos.
Among the 43 people affected on Monday were 36 travelers and of the 27 people affected on Tuesday, 17 were travelers (i.e. about 75%).

There are now a total of 3,589 corona cases in Greece, 2,2022 of which are active and 10 with a severe course. The number of deaths has increased by four to 193.

Pedestrian shopping street in Agios Nikolaos
Pedestrian shopping street in Aghios Nikolaos.

Moreover, the number of tourists is far behind the expectations. So yesterday, Tuesday, there were only few tourists in Aghios Nikolaos and the majority, especially the bigger and more comfortable hotels, are still closed.
An impression is given by the current picture of the pedestrian zone at the top of the article and on the right, as it normally looks like in summer.

July 6, 2020 (Monday):

A young tourist from Germany diagnosed with coronavirus was taken to a quarantine hotel in Hersonissos yesterday. The 20-year-old German is the second “imported” case of coronavirus in Crete since the day international flights resumed on the island.

Over the weekend 61 new cases of corona in Greece (3,519 in total, 1,953 active and 11 severe), including one in Crete (24 in total).

July 3, 2020 (Friday):

The latest information and the procedure for entering Greece is now also available in German on the official government website.
It is important that the exit card is filled out online two days before departure to Greece. Only with the bar code received via the Internet afterwards, entry is possible. Based on the information given in the exit card, a software program determines the passengers with the highest probability of a corona infection, which are tested upon arrival in Greece. Those who are sampled may then travel on to their declared final destination, but must undergo 24-hour ‘self-isolation’. If the sample is positive for corona, the traveler will be subject to a 14-day mandatory quarantine, and may not leave Greece before that time.

Last Wednesday (1 July), the first day of tourism, 235 international flights arrived in the country’s 27 airports, while more than 4,000 corona tests were carried out on travelers. Most were carried out at the airports of Athens and Thessaloniki. Although 5,634 tests were provided, the software algorithm eventually showed more.
Some problems were registered at arrivals, as some tourists did not fill in the entry forms, but the problems were fixed. However, this will change from next Monday, as those wishing to visit Greece must complete this form at least 48 hours before their departure.
The government will not hesitate to take new measures in case of an increase in corona numbers.
Of the 23 new cases reported on Wednesday, 11 have already been imported, almost half of them: 4 at the Bulgarian Promachonas border crossing, 2 from Albania, 4 from flights and 1 from a Greek-American traveler on Karpathos.

From Tuesday (30.6.) to Thursday (2.7.) a total of 71 new corona cases in Greece (to a total of 3,458, of which 1,892 are active and 8 are severe) and one more death (to a total of 192).
The number in Crete increased by two further cases to a total of 23.

June 29, 2020 (Monday):

The protocol for entry into Greece can be viewed today on the official government website in English: Click here.

Today 14 more corona cases (to a total of 3,390, of which 1,825 are active and 10 are severe).

Here to the previous part: Corona situation on Crete until June 24, 2020.

June 28, 2020 (Sunday):

Next Wednesday, 40 flights from abroad will arrive in Heraklion for the first time. At Heraklion airport, 825 samples will be taken every day, which will be tested in the clinical biology laboratory of the University of Crete. They will now be targeted tests based on special software that calculates which visitors are more likely to be carriers of the coronaviruses.

Passengers on international flights arriving in Greece are required to fill out a tracking form or a passenger location form (PLF) 48 hours before check-in, according to an aviation directive issued by the Civil Aviation Authority, as was announced today. In this way, they provide information about the airport of departure, their home address, the time of their stay in Greece and the other details determined by the above form.
According to the SKAI, up to 48 hours before their departure for Greece, travelers must fill in a form with their data and information on their computer or mobile application, e.g. their country of origin, from where they have travelled in other countries where they have been in the last 15 days.

Detailed information and instructions should be made available shortly at

In the last few days, a total of 76 new corona cases (Wednesday 8, Thursday 13, Friday 22, Saturday 23 and today Sunday 10) and one death in Greece.

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