Travel blogging tips for beginners

Travel blogging tips for beginners.

Travel shooting equipment
Travel shooting equipment

The evolution of technology and especially the use of smartphones has allowed us to capture every moment of our journey in the mobile phone’s memory and consequently in our own memory. This is quite impressive, considering that a few decades ago, we could use an analogue camera to capture a specific moment of our travel but with several restrictions on the quantity and number of photos. And it may sound romantic to some, but things are definitely better today. These miraculous devices that we all have in our hands are our own “equipment” to record our journeys and adventures.

Now, we have the opportunity to share the fantastic experience of our trip with tens of thousands of people simply by creating a travel vlog. You can do it so successfully that you get to the point of being your main occupation! But before you take your first steps in the highly competitive field of travel vlogging, it would be good to know the essential tips that you should keep in mind during your shooting. So let’s learn the following information together:

Avoid filming everything you see

Your trip may be exciting for you, but remember that viewers do not need to know everything about it. It would be more convenient to enrich your travel videos with more material, but in fact, your ability to incorporate the most critical parts of your trip into a short video is what will set you apart from your potential competition. Also, try to eliminate from your mind that your specific trip is made for the needs of filming and your occupation. Treat it more like the “inspiration” for creating a fantastic travel vlog.

Get the right equipment for your shootings

The equipment you will use is the alpha and omega in each of your vlogs. The use and knowledge of your professional gear will make you stand out from your competition, creating quality content that will not go unnoticed by your viewers. As mentioned in the introduction, you can start with your smartphone device, which has all those technical features to capture all these travel experiences in the lens and then on your computer screen. Especially if your phone is a modern production model, then the quality of the recording image will probably be equivalent to the quality of a professional camcorder. Then, of course, you can be led to the purchase of more professional equipment, which offers you even more possibilities and facilities in the process of registration and production of your content.

Show your travel point of view

The purpose of the travel vlog is to capture your own personal view of travel. This means that your own unique identity should characterize your vlog. Take those shots that catch your eye and visit the places you consider important. This way, you will keep this authenticity in your videos, which is very important for the quality and success of your videos. Viewers of your content should get a clear picture of the destination you are visiting but also of yourself. Each of your own videos is an “attempt” for your audience to get to know you better.

Good music and voice over would accentuate the mood of your vlog

Finally, we must mention the huge impact that placing music has on your content. Using the right music will create the right style and evoke the corresponding emotions in your viewers. Also, voiceovers are important because with them, you add an extra element of professionalism to your videos. Using a voiceover, you can direct your viewers and describe things and elements of your trip that you may not have had the opportunity to do. The uses of voice overs are truly endless, and if used properly, you can create something truly remarkable. If you do not know how to record your own voice overs or you still do not have the time, you can always turn to a professional voice acting agency like Voquent, which can instantly meet your needs, whatever they are, to create a travel vlog that will impress the crowds.

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