Innsbruck: the heart of the Alps

Innsbruck: the heart of the Alps.

Innsbruck (photo by Jarod Barton from Pexels)

Innsbruck is located in western Austria and is the capital of Tyrol and the heart of the Austrian Alps. The truth is that there is no direct way to get to Innsbruck. However, the best way is by air to Munich and from there by bus, indicatively Flixbus. The route by bus, although long, will fascinate you. It is a picturesque route through mountains with several stops in the villages, lasting about 3 hours. The combination of mountains and river create the perfect landscape for your winter vacation and more.

Where to stay in Innsbruck

Innsbruck is a city that you will love in winter, and many prefer it for winter tourism. After all, the best time to enjoy Innsbruck is with snow. There are many hotels to choose from at relatively affordable prices. Of course, if you want to experience something more traditional, you can choose one of the many Airbnb with colourful facades or one of the traditional chalets.

Entertainment in Innsbruck

Innsbruck, in addition to its winter tourism, is a city with many students. So, there is no lack of fun from it.

As in any other Austrian city, here you will find several pubs and Pubs. One of them is Limerick Bill’s, which has many levels and small spaces for companies. Another excellent choice is The Galway Bay, wherein the basement is organized live open to the public to go with your friends and listen to 2-3 songs.

Another bar I suggest you visit is the Cloud 9 – Iglu Bar at the top of Hafelekar. As its name suggests, this is a bar which is a real igloo, made entirely of ice. To get there, you need 20 minutes and around 25 €. First, you will take the Hungerburgbahn, something like a train going up the mountain, and then you will take the cable car from the Nordkette. In addition to the construction of the bar, the view will surely amaze you.

For ski lovers

There are about 13 Ski Resorts in and around Innsbruck that you can visit. It has a variety of slopes of various difficulties. Depending on your needs, there are also corresponding Passes that you can buy. After all, this is why it is a famous destination for connoisseurs of the sport. With the help of Erna Low, you can book a complete vacation package, which will include skiing activities, your stay, as well as additional activities that will make your experience unforgettable in the greater Innsbruck area.

Where to eat

So another way to get around the city is this. It is not possible to go to Innsbruck and not taste its traditional cuisine, especially Strudel. So you can go to Strudel-Cafe Kroell, which specializes in them. You can also try other traditional dishes at the Lowenhaus Restaurant. Apart from that, I suggest eating brunch at Soulkitchen, while equally lovely food and atmosphere are offered by restaurants such as D-Werk and Machete Burrito Kartell. Finally, although we are talking about a huge city, it is still friendly to bicycles and the environment, since many choose them for their daily travels.

In closing, Innsbruck is a unique destination, with a solid traditional element, many students and full of activities for all tastes that you will definitely never get bored of.

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